Roz Hair Studio offers a wide range of hair services, these can be seen below, please note these are average prices. Hair density and texture will affect pricing. If you would like a detailed quote book in for a complementary consultation before your actual appointment.


Short Hair (On Ear)

Cut R325 / Blow R210 / Both R400

Medium Hair (Below ear-chin)

Cut R355 / Blow R275 / Both R465

Long Hair (Collar Bone)

Cut R375 / Blow R330 / Both R545

Extra Long Hair (Bra-waist)

Cut R430 / Blow R375 – R435 / Both R625

Girls Under 7

Cut R200 / Blow R220 / Both R275

Girls Under 14

Cut R275 / Blow R300 / Both R330

Special Event

Cut R535 / Blow R640 / Both R770

Easihair Pro Tape-In Extensions

Upon Consultation



Short Hair (On Ear)

Cut R285 / Blow R200 / Both R375

Medium Hair (Below ear-chin)

Cut R310 / Blow R230 / Both R410

Long Hair (Collar Bone)

Cut R355 / Blow R255 — R295 / Both R465

Prices valid till March 2022