About Us

Roz Hair Studio was opened in April 2011 by Rosaline Mcivor with the vision of turning her passion for hair design into a business where she could provide the best service to her clients in an non ‘production line’ feeling environment, where clients feel they are actually being heard and are comfortable with being themselves in the salon.

We are all a bunch of creatives who work together as a team in the salon offering high polished, high shine immaculate applications which make every creation look expensive. We offer amazing creative colours but don't forget we do the same amount of flawless natural hair too. From bold and bright to soft and subtle all that matters is you are listened to properly and that your hair reflects you.

Most importantly we care about the health of your hair and that will always be our priority, no matter what healthy hair is better that any colour. It is our purpose to make you feel comfortable, happy, and kept in good spirits. That is why when entering our salon expect to be greeted by smiles and happy energy.

We look forward to meeting you,
Yours In Colour

Roz Hair Studio Team